Youth Programs in Wray.


Kid PHIT youth learn about nutrition while creating healthy snacks.

Youth k-5th grade learn the value of good nutrition and health physical exercise in a group setting.  This program is offered spring and fall after school once a week.


My PHIT youth learn about nutrition through team competitions.

Youth 6th-8th grade further the principals of the PHIT program with the added lessons of citizenship.  This program is currently under review, please check back.


PHIT Camp day trip to Stalker Pond.  Great catch!

This program is summer camp style and continues to build on the principals of the PHIT programs.  Youth 7 to 14 years old participate in this six week summer program.

Tots of Fun

Tots of Fun craft activities.

The Tots of Fun program provides materials and an environment facilitating exploration while maintaining emotional support from a parent or caretaker.  Encouragement of curiosity while building independence is the goal.

Kids' Nite Out

Kids find entertainment in creating a 'mummy!'

Kids' Nite Out is a once every few months event that gives parents a break from parenting!  Kids have a supervised evening of activities and food while mom and dad have a night to themselves.


Children learning the basic principles of swimming.

Kidswim teaches toddlers and young children the basic principles of swimming all within the confines of the WRAC's warm water therapy pool.  Taught by certified swimming instructors these children become confident of the ability to swim and be safe.